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it's time to go sand racing!!

As the winter months approach, here in Mablethorpe (and here at The Beck), we are revving up for the sand racing season.

All the dates are shown in the picture and we will be open for them all to serve you great food and drink to keep you warm during the colder days while the racing is going on.

If you've never been to a sand racing meet, you're in for a treat as motorbikes kitted out to go over wet sand, sand dunes and sliding through hairpin turns add to the thrills (and spills!) of watching such an unique arm of motorsport racing.

So wrap up warm, enjoy the many days of sand racing this winter and we look forward to seeing you during the winter months.

Also, there is a scooter rally in the heart of Mablethorpe town centre during the days of the 18th to the 20th of November so it's all about the bikes this winter and you never know, it might encourage you to take up motorbike riding and all that it brings.


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