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If you don't have an exact goal of the sale and you only want to know the price at which your property can be sold, order an assessment from those who do this on a daily basis. This saves you a lot of time and nerves. It makes no sense to put an object in advertising without a clear goal

Why is the purpose of the deal so important? Get a pencil, pen and paper ready. In this chapter, I will explain the meaning of real estate sale operation.

The purpose of the transaction is the end point where you want to be. If it consists in buying another property, then you are not a seller, but a buyer. You won't sell your old home until you find a new one. So come back to Part 2 of this book. All the answers are there.

It is important to understand that if you put the cart before the horse, that is, put the object up for sale before you realize what you will buy in return, and even take an advance payment for an apartment, you will get into time trouble.

It is extremely difficult to find a quality option when the terms are limited to 3-4 weeks. You feel stressed because you feel responsible for making the wrong decision.


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