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After the "one-armed" are already quite normal and outwardly healthy

representatives of the underworld, without which, according to the general opinion, not a single institution of this kind can do. Well, then - off we go: girls of easy virtue (the question arises, what are they doing there? This is not a street or a brothel, but we don’t think about it!

They said we need prostitutes in the casino, which means they are there, and that's it!), card sharpers and all kinds of scammers who are just waiting to rob a gaping visitor. Alcohol flows like water, and all sorts of obscure personalities offer forbidden pleasures. And not a word about her majesty the game! Well, who will think about it?

Still tuned up! Forget hope, everyone who enters here ... First, you will be given free alcohol to drink, stuffed to the state of insanity with various narcotic and psychotropic drugs,


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